red jinggangshan, do not forget the party's early heart

in order to enhance the sense of responsibility of party members and cadres of jianwei holding group, on the afternoon of june 28, 2018, under the leadership of zhang xu, secretary of party branch of jianwei holding group, all party members went to jinggangshan together to carry out the theme education activities of "red jinggangshan, don't forget the party's initial heart". they recalled their bitter thoughts and sweetness, took the long march again and recalled their vows to join the party. words, experience the dedication of the party's predecessors for the revolution.

after more than ten hours'drive to jinggangshan, we were infected with the red spirit as soon as we entered jinggangshan, reminding us that the revolutionary spirit has always been remembered by the people of the old district. the magnificent sculpture of "jinggang red flag" has three meanings. one is that it is like an immortal boulder, symbolizing the foundation of the people's republic of china in jinggangshan; the other is that it is like a burning flame, implying that the spark of the chinese revolution from the jinggangshan liaoyuan; the third is that it is like a high-flying flag, standing on the four-sided mountains, piercing into the sky, indicating the chinese revolution. from jinggangshan to victory. accompanied by all the admiration and exclamation, we hovered along the highway, the summer jinggangshan, morning fog dispersed, full of green, green dripping. there are still trenches in the yellow ocean realm that fought hard at that time. it seems that we can still hear the sound of powerful artillery fire. we can vaguely feel the defense battle in the yellow ocean realm with less victory and more. although we are short of medicine and food, the spirit of jinggangshan inspires every soldier to win with courage and wisdom.

inscribed by deng xiaoping, "jinggangshan revolutionary martyrs monument". the cemetery as a whole mainly consists of memorial hall, monument forest, statue garden and monument. it is a humanistic landscape integrating history, culture, garden and sculpture. seeing the "jinggangshan revolutionary martyrs'cemetery" inscribed by the old red army's song ren-qiang on the main gate of the cemetery, our thoughts flew from 1927 year 10 month to 1930 year 2 month, as if we heard the red army's shouting and fighting on this red land, revolutionary martyrs. shi cemetery was built in memory of the great achievements of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries in founding the jinggangshan revolutionary base and carrying forward the revolutionary spirit of jinggangshan.

in front of the memorial hall, we hold high the bright red flag, review the oath of joining the party, we are generous and exciting, we remember the martyrs in the memorial hall, deep sorrow, tears have filled our eyes, as if blood re-use heart, once again firmly for the cause of the party and the well-being of the people, all our party members are ready to sacrifice one for the party and the people. the determination to cut! towering castle peak, remember the pledge of joining the party. the inscriptions of jinggangshan spiritual creators and witnesses were erected in the forest of steles. we sat down on the corridor of the forest of steles, listened to the history of jinggangshan told us by our instructor, and reviewed the continuous hard struggle of a group of party members and comrades led by chairman mao, and finally won the victory. in the sculpture garden, we see the revolutionary predecessors carefully carved by our country's sculptors. among them are mao zedong, zhu de, chen yi, peng dehuai, luo ronghuan, tan zhenlin, teng daiyuan, li can, he changgong, he changgong, wan xixian, wang erchiao, zhang ziqing, he tingying, chen zhengren, cai xiemin, he zizhen, wu ruolan, wang zuo, he changgong. 19 statues of yuan wencai and other revolutionary predecessors. mao zedong's magnificent and thin body, the victories of battles and the birth of revolutionary theories were all created by our mao zedong commissioner and the great leaders of our revolutionary cause. two women in the sculpture garden: he zizhen and wu ruolan, their deeds are the examples of all our women, especially the story of comrade wu ruolan's perseverance and heroic sacrifice in order to protect comrade zhu de, which made our eyes wet with tears.

we also visited the first mint of the communist party of china, the oui red army hospital, the former residence of chairman ibaraki mao, the beishan martyrs'cemetery, the jinggangshan revolutionary museum, and the old residence of the great man of oui. we traced the red footprints, listened to the grand deeds of our forefathers, understood, perceived and touched the red history personally. the second profound education of party spirit and revolutionary tradition has gained a more comprehensive understanding of the difficult course of the chinese revolution and fully realized the importance and necessity of inheriting and developing the jinggangshan spirit in the new period. all along the way, we were deeply shocked by the current situation, by the revolutionary predecessors are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of sacrifice.

the spirit of jinggangshan can be summarized as follows: firm faith, hard struggle, seeking truth from facts, daring to break new paths, relying on the masses and daring to win.

never forget the first heart, to move forward, the revolutionary martyrs left behind the fine tradition is always inspiring us to move forward the precious wealth. all our party members will certainly inherit and carry forward the jinggangshan spirit, firmly believe in communism, further rectify their working attitude, improve their working ability, be honest and honest, be courageous in devoting themselves, truly carry out "serving the people" in practical work, never forget the historical mission of the party members, and always keep the party members alive. advanced nature, brave to shoulder the heavy burden of work, with full enthusiasm into the future work, better play the vanguard exemplary role of party members, for the development of the great cause of the party to make new contributions.

"under the mountain banner is in sight, the mountain drum drum corner mutually sniffed. the enemy is besieged by thousands and thousands of heavy ones. it has already been severely blocked, and is more united. chairman mao's "xijiang moon" vividly describes the situation of the red army's second counter-revolutionary campaign in jinggangshan in 1928 year 8 month. it also fully reflects the grim situation of the two-year and four-month revolutionary struggle in jinggangshan and the firm determination of the army and the people. over the past hundred years, the rumble of jinggangshan's guns has long dissipated, but the spirit of revolution has been passed down from generation to generation.


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