jianwei holdings group led the team to participate in the weekly non-public organization business games

9month8days the interesting sports meeting of the non-public party branch organized by the non-public party organizations in the town was held in the sports eco-park of the town of zhou. the party branch of jianwei holding group was led by zhang xu, secretary of the party branch.

clear skies, cool breeze gusts, jianwei holdings group party branch brisk, vibrant, has been for this event, each competitor to win the championship confidence. first of all, the leaders of the party committee of zhou municipality and town came to guide us. jianwei represented the team in bright red sportswear. we were as enthusiastic and unrestrained as the red clothes. our determination, like the slogan on our back, "unity is strength", infected everyone on the scene with the enthusiasm and spirit of our great people. i wish you every success.

first of all, the team events were "three feet for two", "kangaroo race", "leap for a group" and "heart-to-heart impression". jianwei delegates: xin huan, wu yanlei, sun juan, yuan qiqing, huang yue, huang junhui, cui guangji and wang qing took part in the competition and won the second and third places with tacit cooperation. lai is a personal event: "rope-pulling competition", "stratagem", "100 hair in the middle", "happy rotation" project, jianwei team: cui guangji, xinhuan, wang qing, wang dongxue representatives to participate in, and personal strength has achieved the first and third pride. in this competition, jianwei team in line with the spirit of "more exciting, game fun" and achieved a champion, a runner-up, two runners-up good results, the end of the event, jianwei team is participating in the < span > 20 < / span > team won the most trophies, which is inseparable from each team's luck the mobilization of individual efforts and teamwork is more important than our cheerleading team. we look forward to the arrival of every athlete at the end. no matter what the result is, we are in the process of orderly refueling. at the end, we embrace the celebration and welcome every player who has worked hard with a good attitude and a happy spirit. shen yongzhong, the "rope-pulling competition" contestant, did not give up in the shape of the predominant situation, and strive hard to finally enter the final, although the champion was not the final contestant, but the game to hold fast to the teeth, let us move and admire; "happy spin" competition, wang dongxue contestants insist on turning hula hoop near the hula hoop. half an hour, although no achievements have been achieved, we have broken through ourselves and deserve our pride.

then into the "guess red song" link, jianwei team seized the opportunity, not only guess the title of the song, but also in order to show our team, to support our singing teammates, jianwei party branch all the staff dancing, uniform, adhere to the "unity is strength", to add vitality to the entire games, our spirit to the transmission everyone present.

finally, the games ended with laughter. the jianwei holding group took part in eight competitions and won four trophies. this is the best result of the 20 teams. jianwei ranked first. this is the result of every athlete's efforts and the demonstration of jianwei's spirit. this games is not only a sports meeting, but also a demonstration of the party branch and jianwei spirit of jianwei holding group. we hope that we will continue to move forward and convey the spirit of jianwei to everyone.


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