jian wei corporate philanthropy

at present, social donation is not only listed as a day-to-day work of the civil administration departments, but also an important part of the work of grass-roots organizations such as streets, neighborhood committees and so on. it is gradually expanded to be a dedication to the active response of government organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions, schools of all kinds, the people's liberation army, armed police officers and soldiers and enthusiastic masses. charity activities of love.

our country extensively carries out and advocates the social donation or donation activities on a regular basis. to develop and promote the poverty alleviation efforts of poverty-stricken households in rural and urban areas of our country is conducive to promoting the development of our country's social public welfare undertakings. it is also the result of safeguarding the modernization of our society, economy and culture and speeding up our country's development. the building of a well-off standard of living is of great practical significance.

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